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Our Story

     A Modern Day Witch     

Hi There - my name is Taara. Some people know me as Ashley.⁠⠀

⁠I started to make sage bundles as a therapeutic practice for myself. Not only was creating the sage bundles a pleasurable ritual, but the feeling (and smell!) of the bundles when I burned them was phenomenal. Over time I learned more about different herbs that could be used for smoke cleansing and would create sage bundle with specific intentions in mind.


I’ve always had a passion to aid those on their healing journey. This mostly stems from the healing journey I have been on for many years - spiritually, physically, mentally, and sexually. I would find peace and ease within myself when I connected to my spiritual self. Creating and burning the sage bundles encouraged me to adopt rituals and practice to help manage the stress and anxiety that I sometimes encountered.


This is why I launched the Mountain Moon Spiritual Wellness Shop.

Mountain Moon Spiritual Wellness helps people manage their stress & anxiety by crafting daily rituals & creating sacred space. I went from having no special rituals for myself and felt worn out, stressed and anxious, to embracing my spirituality and created special rituals that helped to ground, heal and align my soul & find balance, passion and fulfillment in my life.

I want everyone to be able to benefit from the spiritual supplies offered in shop and that is why each handmade item – sage bundle or soy candle – comes with an instructional sheet sharing spells, mantras, tips and directions. I also want everyone to feel good about the purchase they make, which is why all my materials used in my products are carefully selected based on sustainability and ethical sourcing.


​My hope is your find your sacred space within these tools🖤

All the metaphysical items carried by my shop are ethically sourced so you can feel good about your purchase.

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