Goddess Aine / Áine Candle Info Page

Irish Goddess of Love, Summer, Wealth & Sovereignty

Associated with the Sun and Midsummer (Litha)


This Celtic Goddess of the moon shines on today’s celebration. Her name meaning ‘bright’. Aine has strong connections with the land. Her blessing ensures fertile fields. She also gives luck to mortals and keeps us healthy. Aine was both a Celtic Goddess and a Faery Queen. She has been known by other names, such as the Lady of the Lake, the Goddess of the Earth and Nature, and the Goddess of Luck and Magick. As well, there are some people who actually believe that she might be an aspect of The Morrigan. She is said to have given birth to incarnated fairies from her romances with mortal me. She is associated with summertime—the summer solstice and the two days following are her sacred days.

This Goddess Gemstone Candle can be used:

  • On Midsummer – June 20, 21, 22 depending upon calendar (special ritual below provided for Midsummer)

  • When you wish to call Goddess Aine energy into your life

  • To honor Goddess Aine (mantra’s and offering guide provided below)


Crystal: Red Jasper

Fragrance: Lavender Woods & Honey - This soft lavender woody fragrance is brightened by lemon and sweetened by a hint of honey.

Colour: Golden Honey

Herbs: Dragonblood & Lavender

Aine Pic.jpg
Goddess Aine Mantras

Light this candle to honor and call in Goddess Aine’s healing energy. If you wish, use the mantras provided below when lighting your candle or while performing a ritual of your choice.

"Aine, Goddess of Love, Fairy Queen,

As day passes into night and night passes into day,

Hear my prayer.

Give me the courage to stay true to my heart

To birth that which I am Called to do

Help me to know my Gift

And share it with the World.

In this I pray,”

Goddess Aine Offerings

Consider adding some of these items around your candle to honor Goddess Aine:

Anything to do with the sea; moonstones, silver charms, moon-infused water. Onions, milk, hay, wheat, green crystals, alfalfa, Ash tree, Elder tree, Mugwort, Oak, blackberries, brooms, holly, lavender, Birch tree, angelica (herb), rose quartz, red mare, hares, swans.

Midsummer/Litha Ritual - June 20-22
(northern hemisphere)

Midsummer is a solar holiday that recognizes the passage of Gemini, a mutable air sign, into Cancer, a cardinal water sign. It is the one solar holiday that strives to meld the outside world in which you unction to the workings inside your family environment. A mystical tradition, honored by the ancients across continents and cultures, particularly amongst pagans, the summer solstice is remarked as a celebration of the union between the heavens and earth. Imagine the earth is a woman and the sun is her lover. The summer solstice is the day they meet, suspended in the sky, to co-create, in the fullest, freshest, fruition of summer. It is a day where our proximity to the sun, being our source of light, is most intimate.

Step 1: Set up your alter/sacred space as you like. Consider adding some of the offerings for Goddess Aine that are suggested above.

Step 2: Cleanse your aura and your space. You can use a burn bundle, incense, sage spray or even use a broom to “sweep” the energy away (Order your Burn Bundle here to assist!)

Step 3: Light your Goddess Aine candle and repeat the following mantra: “May the long time sun shine upon me, all love surround me, and the pure light within me guide me on my way.”

Step 4:

Honor Goddess Aine by doing any of the following activities:

  • Use a Tarot or Oracle deck and do the following spread from http://www.thecuriouscardslinger.co.uk/

  • Collect morning dew, use in Midsummer ritual, and empower for Holy Water.

  • Work magicks for partnerships and unions.

  • Get outside - Take advantage of the longest day and go for walks.

  • Fire magic. The sun is the symbol of the fire element of the solstice. Set your intentions with a fire ritual. Some cultures would light bonfires and dance all night until the flames reduced to embers.

  • Charge your crystals. If there’s a time to cleanse your crystals in sunlight, it’s today. Let the energy of the sun purify your crystals from built-up negative energy in the longest sunlight of the year and then sleep with the crystals near your bed (or held in your palms) when you go to bed at night.

  • Indulge in a ritual bath. Light candles, fill your bath with salts and essential oils, even flower petals (or add essential oils to your shower and hang flowers from the shower head), burn cleansing palo santo or sage, and clear your mind.

  • Journal using the following prompts: Summer is when the sun is most powerful and strong, and so are you! “What are you most proud of that you’ve accomplished? What do you love about yourself?”

Step 5: Give thanks to Goddess Aine for her blessings and snuff out your candle (if it has been burning for 2+ hours). You are welcome to keep the alter and offerings out for the Goddess if you wish.

Summer Solstice Spread.png
Candle Care Tips

Gems may fall towards wick once a large melt pool starts, if this happens just push it back towards the edge so it can burn properly or remove and enjoy your stone sooner. Once your candle is burned down your stone can be washed with soap and warm water to keep.

The first time you light your candle, you MUST let it burn for at LEAST 2 hours! The idea is to create a wax pool that reaches the sides of the candle to achieve an even burn every time it is lit. Burning for less time creates a tunnel that can lead to your candle putting itself out constantly and essentially rendering the candle useless.

Place candles in flameproof jars or cups to double the burn time. Always trim the wick before burning. Even if you’re relighting a candle, trim the wick to 1/4 inch. When the wick is too long it will burn uneven and create soot/smoke.

Keep candles away from direct sunlight. Candles in direct sunlight will lose their colour.

Use a snuffer to extinguish a candle. Always snuff out your spell candles as blowing (using the element Air) will undo all your hard work.

Candle Safety

Extinguish any candles when leaving a room or before going to sleep ensuring the wick ember is no longer glowing.

Never burn a candle on or near anything that can catch fire. Keep burning candles away from furniture, drapes, bedding, carpets, books, paper, flammable decorations, etc.

Keep burning candles out of the reach of children and pets.

Always use a candle holder specifically designed for candle use. The holder should be heat resistant, sturdy and large enough to contain any drips or melted wax.

Keep burning candles away from drafts, vents, ceiling fans and air currents. This will help prevent rapid, uneven burning, and avoid flame flare-ups and sooting.

Never touch or move a burning candle or container candle when the wax is liquid.

Place burning candles at least 6 cm apart from one another. This helps ensure they don’t melt each other, or create their own drafts that cause improper burning.

Never extinguish candles with water. The water can cause the hot wax to splatter and can cause glass containers to break.

Extinguish a candle if it repeatedly smokes, flickers, or the flame becomes too high. The candle isn’t burning properly. Cool, trim the wick to 1/4 inch, then check for drafts before relighting.

Special care should be taken when burning spell candles that contain herbs. Always remove any labels, ribbons, adornments, make sure the candles not near burnable material and dust off any herbs/resins around the wick of the candle before lighting.

Do not leave burning candles unattended as they contain dried herbs and crystals. Keep candles away from pets and children and from anything flammable.