Ginger Tea Everyday (my recipe!)

I found out about Ginger Tea when I was looking for information about how to get rid of parasites in my body and help my gut get back to a natural state of health. It is now a staple in my diet and is helping my body recover from years of eating over processed foods and being on antibiotics and steroids to control my asthma as a child.

ginger tea, ginger, apple cider, recipe

Eating poorly contributes to a number of health problems and constantly being on medications really did a number on my liver, spleen and guts. What resulted was Qi deficiency. Qi is known as your body’s vital life energy and is the term used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). When you are Qi deficient you usually experience things like:

· Cold extremities (hands and feet especially)

· Lower body temperature

· Water retention and bloating

· Lowered immune system (parasites, sick all the time)

· Tired and sleepy –hard to wake up in the morning and feel “perky”

· Some people (like me) get a major sugar craving

The Ginger Tea I make daily contains a number of ingredients that help raise the Qi levels in my body. After my cup I instantly feel warmer and cravings subside (like caffeine!).

Ginger is WILDLY known as an excellent addition to any diet. The number health benefits associated with it are all over the map. Most people know it helps with indigestion and nausea but it also helps with heart disease and strokes, bacterial and fungal infections, ulcers, diabetes, malabsorption, strengthening your immune system, killing parasites and regulating the menstrual cycle.

I add turmeric, cayenne pepper, lemon and honey as well. All four are excellent to use for increasing overall health and they also add a good taste!

To make this tea extra special, I often infuse intentions into while I am stirring it.


Cold water (preferably filtered)

4-5 ginger pieces 2-3 inches long

Lemon slice

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar (with the mother)

1 tsp turmeric

¼ tsp cayenne pepper

Organic honey (optional – to taste)

Slice ginger into halves and using the side of your knife, squish it so it crushes. I usually put a towel over top of the knife.

ginger, ginger tea, recipe, cooking

Place crushed ginger into a pot with cold water and bring to boil for 5 -10 minutes.

ginger, ginger tea, recipe, cooking, boiling tea, homemade tea

Prepare your mug as you wait. I add the lemon slice, apple cider vinegar, turmeric and cayenne pepper.

ginger, ginger tea, recipe, cooking, tea

Pour the boiled tea into your mug when finished and add honey if you wish!

Enjoy <3

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