Libra Full Moon Ritual

Libra seeks to reconnect to the source through balance and harmony. As an air sign, Libra has the ability to always see both sides of a situation with a great deal of objectivity. Ruled by Venus, this zodiac sign is strongly motivated by both beauty and relationships and seeks to answer the question of identity through 1:1 relationships.

Tools you will need:

  • Something for smoke cleansing (spray, burn bundle, incense, etc.)

  • Headphones for mediation (optional)

  • Jar or object that can hold water

  • A couple sheets of paper

  • Libra Astro Candle

  • Fire safe bowl

  • Pen

Steps (instructions for each below):

  • Part 1: cleanse you space & tools

  • Part 2: light candle and say mantra

  • Part 3: meditation

  • Part 4: journal/forgiveness & gratitude ceremony

  • Part 5: make moon water

  • Part 6: wax reading

Part 1: Cleanse

1. Create a Sacred Space: it could be somewhere cozy like your bedroom, sofa or in the living. It’s essential to create a calm ambiance that is both relaxing and stimulating. Dim the lights & use twinkle lights/faux lights, light an incense, fill a diffuser with essential oils, place some plants in your space, make a crystal grid with Libra in mind, put cozy blankets on your bed, have a playlist handy on your phone with soothing music (tip: use Insight App)

2. Light your smoke cleansing tool and cleanse yourself. Wave the smoke over your aura and while doing so, recite the mantra below:

Mantra (in your head or out loud): Into this smoke, I release all energies that do not serve me, all negativity that surrounds me, and all fears that limit me. So it is.

3. 1. Smoke cleanse your space and tools. If you are using a Burn Bundle, you can light it and allow it to gradually burn out, or you can use the mantra provided below and use your hand, a cleansing fan or gently blow on the bundle to cleanse your entire space.

Mantra (in your head or out loud): I ask the Universe to bless this home and fill it with light and love. Negativity and darkness is not welcome here. This is a positive sanctuary.

Part 2: Ignite your Libra Astro Candle

1. Light your Libra Astro Candle. While doing so, repeat the following mantra to invoke the Libra energy in your space:

Mantra (in your head or out loud): " I surrender all my worries and feel an energy of clarity around me.”

2. Allow the candle to burn for the duration of the ritual, you will need it later!

Part 3: Listen to the Libra Full Moon Meditation

You can find a link to listen HERE.

Part 4: Journaling Exercise / Forgiveness & Gratitude Ceremony

Full Moon Forgiveness Ceremony

1. You should already be relaxed and present with yourself if you listened to the Libra Full Moon meditation. If you didn’t, take this time to breathe deeply a few times and become present with yourself.

2. If you wish, close your eyes. Recall a habit, thought pattern, idea or upset you desire to release. It can be one or many. Open your eyes and write it down on paper (that will be burned later) – write what you feel if necessary to describe this habit, thought pattern, idea or upset.

3. Next, think of someone who has upset, irritated, hurt or displeased you. This could be recent or from childhood. You can choose one or many. On the same paper, write their name(s) and what it was they did. Write what you feel you need to. It could be paragraphs or a simple bullet point. This will be your forgiveness list.

4. Close your eyes again and visualize each person. Visualize them inside a pink or green bubble and watch them smile at you. Say silently or out loud “I forgive you.” Allow them to float off in their bubble.

5. Recite the following mantra out loud or in your head:

“With this glorious Libra Full Moon as witness, I forgive. Everything, everyone, every experience, every memory of the past or present that needs forgiveness. With every breath I take in, I release all grudges and pain. Forgiving myself of every past mistakes. Hurtful words have no power over me. I cleanse and retrieve my soul fully with gratitude and love. The Universe is wise and loving, and I am forgiven and governed by love alone. So mote it be.”

6. Using the Libra Astro Candle, light a corner of your forgiveness list and burn it in your fire-safe bowl (or in the sink).

You are releasing resentment in the forgiveness ceremony, and in doing so, this energy needs to be replaced. Gratitude is a powerful quality to use to replace resentment. It increases your vibration, so you will feel more aligned and governed by love. This also helps you prepare for manifesting during the New Moon in two week’s time.

Full Moon Gratitude Ceremony

1. Again take deep breaths and become present and centered with yourself.

2. Take some time to think of at least three people, places, situations or things for which you are truly grateful of. This can be pets, teachers, your home, your bed, getting a promotion at work, your partner, spending more time with your kids, ANYTHING!

3. Write these people, places, situations or things down on another sheet of loose paper.

4. Using the Libra Astro Candle, light a corner of your forgiveness list and burn it in your fire-safe bowl (or in the sink).

5. Recite the following mantra out loud or in your head: “Gratitude brings me into a harmonious relationship with the good in everyone and everything that surrounds me. I clearly see all there is to be grateful for in life. I acknowledge the blessings I have received in my life with gratitude.”

Part 5: Make Moon Water

1. Fill your jar or object with (preferably filtered) water.

2. Place it on your windowsill, which is facing the Full Moon. You can also leave it out overnight if you wish (if it is not too windy or raining!) Cover it with clear wrap.

3. You can choose to leave some crystals next to it. For Libra I would recommend peridot, jade, aventurine, pink tourmaline, black tourmaline or yellow tourmaline. Moonstone is always a great option during the full moon too.

4. Say a little thank you to the Full Moon and express your gratitude.

5. Leave it overnight. Then, in the morning, pick your Moon water up – it is ready for you!

Part 6: Wax Reading

1. Preferably the next day after the Full Moon, pour some moon water into a dish.

2. Light your Libra Astro Candle and allow a wax pool to form.

3. When it feels right to you, drip some wax into the Moon water.

4. Clear your mind and use your intuition to decipher what messages the Divine has for you during the Virgo Full Moon. You may see an animal, person, symbol, numbers, letters – look within!

5. Use your intuition to understand what it means to you or you can use Google. For example, you may see a Lion. You can Google “Lion Spiritual Meaning” and read more about what this may mean for you.

6. Thank the Universe for it’s messages and end your Libra Full Moon ritual.

7. Note: Allow your candle to burn until a wax pool forms!

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