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Bergamot has a spicy, fresh, citrus top note and is commonly found in masculine fragrances. It is beneficial for skin care and skin detox, though it shouldn't be used on the skin prior to strong sunlight exposure. Bergamot is excellent for relieving depression and anxiety. This scent blends well with lavender, patchouli, ylang ylang, rosemary. To extract the 100% natural Bergamot essence, the outer rind of the fruit is expressed.


Restore balance to body, mind and spirit with natural essential oils. The aromatic properties of oils extracted from petals, seeds, leaves, roots, fruits and bark can stimulate natural immune defence and healing. For a relaxing and re-energizing experience, use these oils in an oil diffuser, add them to a carrier oil for massage or try them in the bath. Only a small amount of these concentrated oils are needed to calm nerves and boost energy.

These natural oils are excellent for aromatherapy using a variety of methods.

  • Add a few drops to some water in an oil heater to infuse a room with natural fragrance.
  • Add a few drops to a bowl of hot water to inhale the vapor
  • Put a couple drops on a tissue and hold it under the nose
  • Add up to 6 drops into a plain massage oil
  • Place a drop in a plain tealight candle
  • Use the oils in an electric vaporizer
  • Add up to 6 drops to a hot bath with Himalayan salts or massage oil


Ethically Sourced by Natures Expression (India). All products from this supplier are hand made. Their business supports more than ten thousand families in India.



Approx. 2.2 cm diameter and 5.3 cm height

Bergamot Essential Oil