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Goddess Abundantia

Goddess of Abundance and Prosperity


Her name means "plenty" or "overflowing riches."  She has also been called "the beautiful maiden of success." She is considered a protector of savings, investments and wealth. She helps lift one out of “poverty consciousness” and into a place of gracious acceptance, peace and joy in the sure knowledge that I'm completely taken care of, immediately and in the future. She has great beauty and angelic purity, is very patient and very loving. She is like a gracious hostess, always asking if you need anything, then fulfilling your every wish with love and grace. Interestingly, Abundantia has also long been referred to by gamblers as Lady Luck, or Lady Fortune. In Italy, Abundantia is considered a protector of savings, investments, and wealth and her image graced Roman coins in the past. According to Roman legend, Abundantia brought money and grain to people while they were sleeping, shaking her gifts from a cornucopia.


This Goddess Gemstone Candle can be used:

  • When you wish to call Abundantia’s energy into your life
  • To honor Goddess Abundantia (mantra’s and offering guide provided below)
  • To call in more abundance, prosperity and wealth into your life
  • To protect your savings, investments, and wealth


Crystal: Clear Quartz


Fragrance: Sweet Orange Chili Pepper - Sweet zesty citrus blended with a subtle touch of spicy chili pepper and an undertone of black pepper and musk.


Colour: Light Brown