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Leo energy is dramatic, enthusiastic and confident. Ruled by the sun, Leo energy wants to shine, to express itself, and above all, to be the center of attention. Leo evolves from Cancer’s fear of not being nurtured, and seeks to win the approval of the group by being special. And this Leo gemstone candle certainly is bold!


This Leo Gemstone Candle can be used during a Leo full/new moon, by someone with a Leo sun sign or by someone hoping to harness the energy that Leo offers.


Crystal: Black Tourmaline - one of the best Leo crystals because it offers them protection on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels by transforming negative energy into positive energy. It is another grounding stone that boosts self-confidence, personal power, and physical energy while reducing fear and stress.


Fragrance: Viva La Juicy - Tart wild berries and juicy Mandarin orange notes intertwine with fragrant honeysuckle, refreshing gardenia scents and sweet jasmine blooms. The smooth tonality of warm caramel, creamy vanilla, golden amber and desert sandalwood blend together to enhance and complete this fragrant accord.


Colour: Apricot Orange – The colour orange suits Leo well. It effortlessly adds to the charisma and magnetic aura of this zodiac sign.


Herbs: Blue Sage, Lavender & Bay Leaves – Lavender cools and calms the fiery Leo energy. Bay Laurel (the tree where bay leaves come from) was astrologically symbolic and deemed the tree of the Sun god under the celestial sign of Leo.


Net Weight: 10 oz vessel // 13 oz with wax (measures 3.25" height (without lid) x 2 3/4" diameter)

Burn Time: approximately 20 hours

Small batch / Cruelty Free / Ha