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Sagittarius energy is optimistic, outgoing, and adventurous. It is ruled by the planet Jupiter, known for being the planet of growth and expansion and this sign is always seeking new experiences and new information. Like Jupiter, Sagittarius is usually only concerned with the big picture and often has little patience for the details. This influence can encourage Sagittarius to want to travel and explore the world, meeting new people as they go.


This Sagittarius Gemstone Candle can be used during a Sagittarius full/new moon, by someone with a Sagittarius sun sign or by someone hoping to harness the energy that Sagittarius offers.

Crystal: Black Obsidian – the perfect stone for Sagittarius as this crystal is especially powerful for removing mental blocks and the perfect negative energy shield. Obsidian has no limits. This crystal is fast-acting and has unparalleled strength.


Fragrance: Arabian Nights Fragrance Oil - Layered notes of musk and amber combine with mandarin and cedarwood.


Colour: Yellow – This color associated with the planet Jupiter, Sagittariu