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Taurus’s energy is determined, practical and grounded, however it is still very much a feminine sign.  All these aspects are poured into the Taurus Gemstone Candle. Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and represents the second stage of human evolution. It is motivated to ground things in the physical, to create tangible representations of lasting beauty and value.


This Taurus Gemstone Candle can be used during a Taurus full/new moon, by someone with a Taurus sun sign or by someone hoping to harness the energy that Taurus offers.


Crystal: Rose Quartz - emits a gentle and loving energy that boosts their compassion and opens them up to receiving and giving love and kindness. It also helps the Taurus sun sign to release fears and worries and brings them emotional healing. It is a stone that strengthens the heart.


Fragrance: Japanese Cherry Blossoms - Tender cherry blossom, sensual white lily and blushing violet petals blended with a hint of warm vanilla.


Colour: Bubblegum Pink - Pink represents the higher love vibration of Venus and can be used by Taurus to attract luck in your business or personal life.


Herbs: Blue Sage, Thyme & Roses – Sensual Taurus will have all their sensations grounded through the use of thyme. Whether it be their bodies, minds, or souls that need purifying, thyme does it all. Encouraging sleep, psychic regeneration, and stress relief, it quells the chaos of their world. Roses are perfect because they are both the sign’s birth flower and they are luxuriously classy.


Net Weight: 10 oz vessel // 13 oz with wax (measures 3.25" height (without lid) x 2 3/4" diameter)